Can't login to a Keap account where I'm listed as a user

Hi Community

For some reason I can’t login to a Keap account where I’m clearly listed as a user, and chat support isn’t currently available (what’s the point of offering chat support if it isn’t there when needed???)

This video shows what’s happening…

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.


We are experiencing similar issue
Some users (including some admin) are unable to log on. Same error message
No access to chat support either

@Brent_Crowley and @Peter_Sveinsson,

It looks like the challenge you described is now a known issue (#2476895), which is actively being worked on and expected to be resolved 7/13/2021 (U.S. Time):

If you want, you can navigate to where you can submit a report so you can be notified once this known issue has been resolved.