Can you recommend a Wordpress Theme that works well with IS?

I have a WordPress website that I would like to integrate with Infusionsoft.

My current theme doesn’t play well with Infusionsoft plugins and needs replacing.

Please will you recommend an attractive, responsive WordPress theme that I can use with IS plugins as a platform for blog, video membership, shopping cart and community.

Any sensible suggestions or requests for more details would be very helpful.

I’m just getting my head round infusionsoft so please be patient with me.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

We’ve used Optimizepress as both a Theme and Plugin (it allows you to use it as one or the other). It’s fully responsive and integrates easily with Infusionsoft. Plus it’s only about $100 ONE-time fee.

Thank you so much for your quick reply Brent.

Would you please drop a link so I may I take a peek at your site?

Divi theme + Divi builder works great with Infusionsoft. All my pop-ups are made w/ Bloom (divi plug-in), which is what the Infusionsoft plug-in is derived from. Here’s my site:


Thanks for your reply Mike. The recommendation is much appreciated.
The site looks great.

@Jason_Dean, You don’t necessarily need a plugin to talk with IS but it is rarely the theme that isn’t working. Usually it’s another plugin not playing well with others. Can you be more specific as this is a rather general description. What information are you collecting, how are you collecting it, what plugin are you attempting to use, and how is it failing.

Thanks for your reply John. The themes I’m using are Inkthemes and they put all the variables inside their own control panel, with their own plugins. This is the problem. So I need to switch to an open theme. Hope that makes sense.

Ah. Can’t say I’m fond of themes (or anything) that tells you what you can or cannot do. So I use x-themes with my development and our website. Alot talk about their use of Thrive themes and I’ve also seen many comments on the use of Divi. Really, as long as the theme doesn’t take control of management out of your hand you should have a problem.

Fantastic answer John, that’s exactly what I was looking for, thank you.
I totally agree with you about themes that put restrictions on what you can do…
When I bought Inkthemes I wasn’t aware that they inserted their own sub-management portals into WP. I find it really frustrating.
Not to say it’s bad, but it doesn’t really work for me using IS because they haven’t coded it for IS and it doesn’t work well with IS plugins.
Just to confirm, is it Theme Forest’s X-Theme that you use?
If so, I checked it out and it looks great.

Yes, it is purchased on theme forest but the company is Very flexible. I can modify all css, js and insert code or custom hand built items wherever I need. For a programmer that is the most important thing. But it also plays well with Gravity Forms, Contact Forms 7 and others that have integrations for Infusionsoft.