Multiple Wordpress plug-ins in need of updates

I use multiple Wordpress plug-ins to connect our website with Infusionsoft. A lot of these plug-ins are either straight up not working, because they are incompatible, or they are causing errors. Looking at the Infusionsoft plug-ins available, some haven’t even been updated or tested in years, so it makes sense for them to be incompatible with newer versions of php, wordpress and themes.

As an example “Infusionsoft Landing Pages” has not been tested with newer versions, not been updated in a year, and is causing multiple errors regularly.

“Infusionsoft Official Opt-in Forms” has not been tested with the last 3 major releases and also has issues.

The developer listed is Infusionsoft on both these plug-ins.

Are there any plans from your end to update and maintain these plug-ins at all in the future, or will I have to find another way to manage the integration?

ha, good luck with that one