Can we delete old credit cards from customer accounts?

What is the protocol for DELETING old, inactivated credit cards from our customer’s records? Thank you! - Maura

Hi Maura:

Not sure what your definition of ‘protocol’ is … if you mean the theory behind when and where to delete (completely up to you, as it is not required), or physical operation of how to remove.

If it is the latter, then go into your contact record, go to the Orders area, click on the credit card name (Visa, MC, etc.) on the left and that will pop open a window with the CC info. At the bottom you can either deactivate or delete. Just press delete. That will then ask you if you want to reassign any subscriptions that have that CC tied to it and then it will delete the CC.

Hope that helps.


Hi Jeff, thanks! Years ago we were told by IS that ‘best practices’ was to maintain old credit cards indefinitely, but I’m not sure that is still best practices. It sounds like InfusionSoft no longer takes the best practices – keep forever
– stand. I do know how to delete one by one, but my next question would be how to do a “mass delete” of inactive credit cards. Is this available? Thanks for your help.

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I’ve never heard of any philosophies about keeping/deleting cards. I personally just keep them in the system, as I don’t want to spend time/energy deleting.

I don’t know of any way to bulk delete, and I checked with support and they have confirmed that you can’t bulk delete.

You could run the ecommerce report for Credit Card Report and choose ‘expired’. That will give you a list that you could work from. Click on the last 4 of the CC and a pop up window will show. Then you can just delete from there. That is going to be the fastest way to delete expired cards.