Can we create a visitor record (instead of a contact) via Infusionsoft rest API?

Hi all, New member and first time question asker here. How are you all?

We are testing our FB Messenger Chatbot interface with Infusionsoft.

Instead of creating a “Contact” record via Contact API when we have a user connect with our Messenger Chatbot, we prefer we have a “Visitor” record get created instead. After we “nurture” the visitor through a campaign, we can then “promote” them to a “Contact” record.

The Infusionsoft table schema which outlines all of the data available through the Data Service API, does not include “Visitor.”

Thanks for your help!!

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Hi @Francis_Morelos,

Unfortunately this functionality is not currently available through either the XML-RPC or REST APIs. The only way to create visitor records is by embedding an Infusionsoft tracking code on your website.

I will submit your request to our product manager for future consideration.