Can we add options(Dynamic data's) into list box using with API?

I need to add multiple values in custom field list box using with infusionsoft API,before i have done in text field in single values,At present need to add multiple values,Can anyone have idea of this??

Hi @Iyyappan_UI_Purpose, you should be able to set multiple values by providing a comma separated list as the value. For example, if you wanted to select options “One” and “Three”, you would send us "One,Three".

Hi @Iyyappan_UI_Purpose,

What @Nicholas_Trecina is absolutely correct. I’ve just completed a project handling this very same thing.

@Nicholas_Trecina ,Yes i have did same but in listbox showing One[Invalid].Three[Invalid].How can i remove this??

Are you using an SDK or directly accessing the REST or XML-RPC API?


The options you have in the comma separated list must match exactly the options setup for that field. If they do not then you will see (invalid) when you set them.

@Nicholas_Trecina ,I’m using php sdk(Novak infusionsoft API)

It doesn’t matter which you’re using if they don’t match…I would check that first.

@Iyyappan_UI_Purpose can you post your snippet of code that’s updating the custom field and also a screenshot of your configured list box custom field inside of Infusionsoft?

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