Help Required - Pushing tag and custom field via Infusionsoft

Hello Team,

Please guide me with my following query. I am trying to push (store) data in my infusionsoft contact record in form of tag & custom field. But unfortunately the value is not getting stored in custom field and neither tag is being applied successfully via API. Further , please find the code for custom field api and the error reported.

Kindly help in implementing the same

$customField = Infusionsoft_CustomFieldService::getCustomField(new
Infusionsoft_Contact(), ‘_Message’);

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Infusionsoft_DataFormField::getCustomFieldValues() in /home4/steamline/public_html/CI/infusionsoft-php-sdk-master/Infusionsoft/DataFormField.php on line 78


It is a little unclear what you are trying to do, but you are trying to access the custom field definition above not the instance of the custom field on the contact. What version of the API are you trying to use REST or XMLRPC?

Looking at the folder naming, you are using a third-party PHP SDK, and the error thrown is showing that getCustomFieldValues is not a valid method. Looking at their repo I do not see that method.

I would assume, then, that whatever example you are following has not been updated to the SDK as represented in their master branch.

Thanks TomScott for sharing the same.

We have tried with the new SDK as well but it is showing up the same error.

With regards to the getCustomfieldValues method, the same can be checked at line number 39- 43 ( link shared by you ).

Is there any alternate method we need to use other than the one we are referring to above?

Is there any sample code to push custom field value in infusionsoft ?


Goal - Trying to use API to push data into custom fields defined in Infusion

To achieve the above, we are using REST. Further, now we are using 3rd party SDK master as suggested by tom in this thread

Could you pls help us with any sample code or guidance on how you implement above especially for entering data into text box type custom field

Hope our goal is clear ?