Can I create a custom fields with infusionsoft rest API?

I am looking to create a custom fields api for contacts with infusionsoft rest API. I have checked infusionsoft rest API (Keap REST API) but there is no endpoint that will create a custom fields and also infusionsoft xml rpc have provide to create custom fields (xml-rpc - Keap Developer Portal) But infusionsoft xml rpc is legacy and I don’t want to use legacy xml rpc based API

Please Help me out

We do not currently have endpoints to manipulate Custom Fields via the REST API, although I can pass along the request to our product manager for possible future inclusion.

So long as you have a valid Access Token you can call the XMLRPC API to create the fields, then use REST to read and manipulate the data contained therein.

Is there any progress about creating Custom fields via the REST API or there are not plans for realization of this endpoint?

Creating and removing Custom Fields via REST will not be something that we include in the short-term, although we do recognize the desire to have that functionality.

Hi @Boyan_Ivanov,

For the moment, there is a custom field method available with the xml-rpc that you can use the same access token to work with under the data object. It’s not REST but if you create the task as a function then it will be a simple matter of just changing the function once REST has that capability.

Yeah… OK. I did check it and i have only one question now:
Can I POST multiple Custom Fields at one time?

I mean when I make the request to DataService.addCustomField, can I create 3 or 4 Custom Fields at the same time, with one request?

No, that method will only create one custom field at a time, however, note that you only have a 100 custom field limit on the contact so I don’t think when they designed the api that it was paramount to create multiple custom fields in one call.

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