Can the "Add to Cart" button be changed to "Request Quote"

Does anyone have a snippet of code/css that can be used the change the ‘Add to Cart’ button to a ‘Request Quote’ button? Have a customer that needs a ‘Request Quote’ button. I assume the code behind the button will need to be edited as well. Would simply like to kick-off a campaign to send an email with the quote attached.

Appreciate any suggestions/advice.


You should be able to target the cart button with jquery and replace its “text”. The selector might change depending on the cart skin, I can’t remember offhand. Check this out. You may want to add something like:

  jQuery('a.cartButton').text('Request Quote');

to one of the shopping cart html areas.

As far as kicking off a campaign… I would recommend setting up some billing automation or product purchase goal. Unfortunately, there is not a way to merge “quote” specific fields into an email triggered from this.

If you want something that is this customized, I suggest looking at the api to accomplish each step, potentially with some customized flow on your end (not necessarily using the out of the box shopping cart).

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@Carlos_Ochoa thanks this looks promising for the text on the button. Do you know what the code behind the button does. I assume it goes through a process that adds the product to the cart.

any ideas how to disable/change that behavior. If possible I’d like use the click goal in a campaign that would direct the user to a landing page where I can capture name/email and apply a tag.


Hey William,

Using the Infusionsoft shopping cart for generating quotes is a somewhat involved process - we have done this for a customer before (during an Infusionsoft Accelerator event), and there are quite a few steps involved.
The cart won’t save any data unless it is fully submitted, and the only way to submit it without charging a credit card is to use the pay by check option.
Then you need a javascript hack to change the “Pay by check” text to read “send me a quote” and update the button texts to make the experience smooth for the customer.

You can grab the javascript we made from this url:

It probably won’t work just as it is for you, but it’s an easy starting place for anyone who knows javascript to get you what you need.