Can I setup a referral registration form that I can approve?

I am setting up a referral partner program, but I would like to approve registrations first. Can I do this and how can I do it.

Hi Karen,

You can definitely do this. I would set up a web form (without the Referral Partner snippet) that you use to have people apply to be affiliates. Then, set up an internal form you use for approvals. Have a radio button snippet in the internal form with a “Yes” option and a “No” option. The Yes option would then put the contact in the “Approved” sequence and would include an Action Set that creates their referral partner record and sends them their links and login details. The No option would send them the rejection email. Does that make sense?


Thanks, @Tyler_Garns

Here is a visual for you if it helps, @Karen_Passingham

Referral Parnter Application and Approval Campaign:

Decision Diamond Rule Set for the Internal Form

Approval Sequence: Note that you’ll need to create the action set that adds them to the program first.

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You rock @martinc. I was on my phone yesterday and unable to get screenshots. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Tyler_Garns and @martinc - that’s awesome, appreciate your help!

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I have one question, as I am setting this up. When it was the referral web form, they were setting up their login details. If I am not adding the partner field snippet in the form, at what point can I setup the username/password?

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@Karen_Passingham You could still use the Referral Partner snippet in the web form and allow them to set up their login details. The only problem is that it will create a referral partner record and add them to the program before you approve. So, you just need to determine how you want to handle that. You could ignore it. You could have the form add them to a program that has no commission defined and then switch their program when they’re approved. You could decide to delete their referral partner record manually if they’re not approved.

I actually ended up setting up a rule in the action set upon approval. It just meant that we auto-generate their username and password, but I am not too worried about that. Thanks for all you help again @Tyler_Garns