Campaign or Email Blast

I create a campaign to send our Newsletter each month - What is better - That or Email Blasts? Broadcast?

For the most part, it’s “dealer’s choice”. Broadcasts can be sent to a list that is identified by a tag (which indicates newsletter subscribers) or through the campaign builder, which also can be done with the same tag. Campaigns have more option for automation, segmenting and targeting while broadcasts rely on a specific condition like the tag to gather your list from for sending.

Actually John, you make a good point.

Our Tags are in the process of being reviewed and Categorized. The only way (moving forward) to add a Tag is to get written permission from Owner. That may sound a bit extreme but we’ve been burned a few too many times (I’ve a feeling I’m not the only one :smiley::grin:).

With that being said - I think a Broadcast would make more sense in our situation and simply use “Newsletter”