Poll/ survey within a campaign or broadcast

I am wanting to get user feedback via either a broadcast or a campaign re: what they want to know more about and how often they want to hear from us.

So for example:

Do you want to hear about

  • bathroom renovations
  • back yard make overs
  • kitchen renovations
  • all of the above

How often to you want to hear from us:

  • weekly
  • monthly
  • quarterly
  • when you have a great deal, competition or offer for us.

Can I do this so that they can click on their responses in the email and it then apply tags based on their responses?

thank you in advance.


It really isn’t a matter of if it’s possible but rather, you’re going to find that each email client out there has different restrictions on what they allow code to do (for security/anti-virus reasons). So while emails are capable of anything a webform can do, the email clients don’t allow anything a webform can do.

Often the most realistic way is to provide a clickable link to a webform with your questions/survey.