Campaign cloning or import/export

Is there any way to copy a campaign from one account to another? I believe campaign templates are not available to all developers, it’s Infusionsoft exclusive.


@Mihir_Dhandha, An ICP/ICC can clone campaigns from their app to another app but that would be the only way a non IS employee could do it.


Hi @John_Borelli, does that mean that if I have a InfusionSoft Sandbox account that I wish to use for testing, there is no way for me to copy the campaign across from Sandbox to my live account on my own other than to manually create the campaign on 2 accounts? We don’t have access to any ICP or ICC currently.

As effective testing (without having to worry about adding and removing test contacts etc) is important for our work, clarity on what’s doable between the 2 accounts will be very helpful for our development work.

Thank you!

Hi @B1G1_Team,

That is correct. Unless a partner invite to your sandbox app is provided to an ICP, there is no other mechanism for copying campaigns between apps (sandbox or otherwise)

How about getting infusion soft to do it for us in the back end?

Don’t know if they do that and I think that would be something charged for if they did.