Campaign Transfer

I have created a campaign in KEAP that another KEAP client would like to use. Can I transfer my Campaign to another KEAP Account?

There is no way to export and import into another user account unless you are a Certified Partner.
In that scenario, you are given a ‘sandbox’ account you can build it and then push the scenario from the sandbox into the other user’s account.


Hey Jeff,

I’m a Certified Partner who has just begun bringing new clients in.
The first one paid last week and I want to use a campaign in my sandbox for them, but can’t see a way to do so. They aren’t appearing in my main account.

Can you help, or point me in the right direction please?


In the campaign, top right corner, use the drop-down to ‘export to marketplace’ that will export to your partner portal and you can push to the client account from there. Get with your Partner Manager is you don’t know how to access the partner portal.