Campaign Builder Performance

I wanted to know if the Campaign Builder performance will get better.
The “page unresponsive” happens at least 8-10 times when trying to create a landing page,
I find myself using an alternate way (outside of keap) to campaign more and more because this is just not reliable to get things done quickly. I am seriously considering moving my database from keap because this has been going on for over a year now.
It is not my system or internet, Keap is the only program that I use that has awful performance.

Most often when I’ve had clients with this complaint there were a few things causing it but one of the biggest was that they had a high number of ‘orphaned contacts’ enqueued in their campaigns. If you don’t have a goal (usually a tag goal) that actually “pulls” contacts out of your sequences, then they will stay there for ever and the more that are there the worse campaign builder performs until it just doesn’t perform at all any more.