Callback/postback URL

Hi, I am using ClickMagick to create a custom postback tag to my traffic. using the following sequence[clickid]

where clickid tags instructs clickmagick to add a unique tag to every click.

When I put the button I make it link to[s1]
that page links to my video sales letter page.

I then use an javascript query in the tracking code section

which then converts s2 on the next page to carry the same value as s1.

I am currently using divi to build my video sales letter page (Thank you/segway page)

Though irrelevant I will share the rest of the process to help explain the end goal. Ideally that video sale letter page would pass on that same code in the form of “tid=[s2]” to my checkout page.

This way I can track the same click at clickmagick that made the sale to optimize my traffic sources.

unfortunately right now there are 2 problems which I am not sure how to resolve.

The optin button link is between tags which stops the s1=[s2] part of the link not work.

The alternative solution is to change the query string as follows:" + qsubids.s1 + "

One small problem I can’t use the link in this form on the “custom thank you page” box in the landing page builder.

Anyone know how to resolve this annoying little complication?

Thank you all in advance!