Bloom and Infusionsoft Integration Campaign

I’ve started working with the Bloom Plugin that was created by elegant themes. I understand that you can integrate Bloom and Infusionsoft which I have done already however, what I’m now looking to do is create a campaign between the two. When someone subscribes for my newsletter on Bloom, how would I create a campaign that will send the new subscriber a discount code. I can create the discount code but how would I send an automated email once subscribed?

Please help.

So assuming the email is coming from Infusionsoft, the plugin also needs to apply a tag to the contact at the same time as making them, this tag can then be used to trigger the campaign.

Hope that is what you were after

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@Preston_Calvert hello …you will first need to add Infusionsoft to the email accounts area of Bloom. Use your apps api key. Once that is done you can then select a tag from a dropdown when setting up a optin form. This will then trigger a campaign as explained below.


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