Better way to see what's happening with a customer?

Infusionsoft is great for automated campaigns, ecommerce, etc. However, our team has a hard time quickly seeing a snapshot of what’s going on with an individual client. We have to scroll and scroll looking through active and completed tasks, notes, sent emails, etc. and click on the various links to see the history. It’s easy to overlook information that’s key to know before checking in with a customer. Is there a 3rd party app or some way to consolidate info so we can see it quickly and easily? Thanks in advance!

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There are a number of integrations into Infusionsoft that collect data. As to which one would best fit your needs depends on what data you want. Infusionsoft’s API is a way that you could build your own custom integration to get what data you think is important and display it how you best see fit. Additionally, if there are important things you want to act upon, for example a contact places and order and you want to be notified so you can take action. You could make use of the RestHooks which are simple listeners for specific events. Once that event happens it would notify you.

Here is a link to our market place which has a list of providers that you could review. Keap Campaigns

Thank you. I’m really looking for an easy way to see a snapshot of information rather than having to go through individual completed tasks, notes, and sent emails. Trying to work faster and more efficiently!