Best reports to see crm use by agents?

any thoughts on good reports that show crm use by our agents?

Depends on how you have your system set-up.

Are they task driven?

Are they opportunity based?



HI Andy,

It is both. With our set up we have incoming warm leads as well as a large number of older leads that provided information to us over the years.

Would like to see what options we have, I am learning IS but want to see what is recommended by someone who has a very good understanding of how to work the system the best.

Thank yioum,

Well if you system is creating lots of tasks that agents need to be working on then:

IS Logo > Admin > Reports > Task Note Report

allows you to see if people are completing them etc

For opportunities, it REALLY comes down to what you want to see and how you are using opportunities, but as a starting point tey

IS Logo > CRM > Reports > Sales > Opportunity Pipeline Summary

Hope that helps