Best practise for text message broadcasting

We’re looking to do some broadcasting via text message but it’s been a while since we looked into it and I was wondering what the current best practise is that is popular among other users.

Before we looked at Podium and FixYourFunnel. Are these still viable choices, is there something better?


Unless you already have podium, I wouldn’t sign up for that to text. FYF is a good solution. I personally like PlusThis for ease of use and the ability to have a ‘conversation’ and capture data from the responses.

(Disclosure: affiliate link but it gets you 15% off lifetime on your subscription)

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Thanks again Jeff! I’ll check it out with your link :smiley:

We haven’t purchased Podium yet, it’s just the service that the client was looking at but I think I’ll be able to persuade him away from it.