Automation Links: Opt-Out and Update Record functions

Just got off the phone with an InfusionSoft rep and was told that “opt-out” automation links, as well as “update contact record” automation links are not available in the new Campaign Builder. Does anyone know of a viable work-around?

I thought I could just redirect a contact to a landing page where they could update their contact record, but this does nothing to allow a contact record to opt-out if they want so I wonder why InfusionSoft would not make this feature readily available?

Hi Santiago.

Currently, this would be the case. These automation links are not available at the moment. Currently, in the new builder, the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email leads to an update information form, with an option to ‘or unsubscribe’ at the bottom. Also, in the builder, the word ‘Unsubscribe’ is able to be edited in the email.

Now, there have been talks on expanding this, and I would urge you to head over to our feedback page to share a bit of personal feedback on what you would like to see, surrounding opting out/ updating information/ and the control you have over these aspects. We have come along way from when we launched this builder, but we built it from the ground up, and continue to build onto it, with help from our feedback we have received on it. If you have a few moments, head over to to leave some feedback on product to share what you want to see for this functionality in the builder.