Automatic tracking and tagging clicked links after broadcast is sent

Is there anyway to track and tag clicked links in a broadcast after it has been sent? There has to be a way to do this because Keap tracks clicks and who is clicking. Ideally if we could integrate a “saved report” into automations it could trigger a tag.

I’m not aware of how to set this up to run automatically after the fact, but if you go into the reporting for the broadcast, there is a “Clicks” link that you can click to see who clicked.

From there, you can apply a tag.

When building (pre-send), you can apply a tag to the links in the email to have them auto-trigger whatever tag you want.

A very wonky workaround would be, if you don’t use the flame Scores, to set up “if they click a link they get 10 points and 10 points = 5 flames” and then trigger automation based on that (but that would capture all people who click a link, not just someone from a particularly broadcast).



Thank you for the creative ideas! These were a few recent broadcasts where the sender had forgotten to add the tag to the links. We were creating a followup campaign to invite those who “clicked” to an event. Trying to avoid having to go back every day and manually add any new people who click.