Question about "Link Clicks" in Email broadcast

We sent out an email blast yesterday, which had 3 different areas to “click” and be directed to a specific page (Facebook, Website)…I typically can go in afterwards and click on the “clicks” area under broadcasts and see which people clicked on which link. However, I’m seeing that for yesterday’s broadcast, only the “opt out” clicks are showing…I know people clicked on the other two links but they are not showing up in the report. Why?

Hi Priscilla,

This one might be a bit tougher to pinpoint here in community. I haven’t come across any issues with the system tracking clicks, but you may want to call into the support team to present the report. They may be able to find the reason for you issue, or run a test with you to gather some data to get up to our Advanced Support team, if they are seeing the problem.

If you have some time to give us a ring at 1-866-800-0004 Ext 2, the phone queue is pretty open right now, I’d like to have our support team get their eyes on this.

Well, that was frustrating. I was told it’s not a problem because I can’t “prove it”.

Priscilla, I want to apologize for the frustration. I have spent the last 20 minutes digging in with one of our other support reps. I am going to get a case open on your app, under your name, because the support rep I worked with was able to recreate this situation, and I am seeing that we may have an issue that we are working on. Give me a little time to question my Advanced Support team, and I will give you an update on what is going on with your new case.

Thank you

Priscilla, I am going to send a quick DM through community here, to share a quick update.