Assuring I am following the law by adding people to my mailing list - capturing emails at live events

Hello community, I am totally new at this game and it gets really confusing really fast…

I want a simple email campaign that I can use when I meet someone at an event so that I can send them a welcome email and have them confirm that they are willing to be subscribed to my list. Then I would like it to link to a thank you page - with the potential to add a nurturing campaign afterward. What tags should I apply so that I know that it was someone from this specific event that opted into my subscription list?

Where I get confused is that I know there are new laws where people have to specifically opt-in to receive campaign type emails. What is the process for in-person events where I am collecting emails through raffles and such?

Any ideas?

Hi, @Michelle_Hardeman-Gu,

So it’s more the best practice than the law but responsible (and really effective) email marketing will always follow the permission based model.

If someone enters their own information into an optin form on your website, for example, then using a passive double optin would be appropriate. This is where you would send them a confirmation email that they click a link to confirm their address with but you immediately begin sending them the content they requested since they clearly had already shown interest.

In the case of events, you would probably want to use an exclusive email confirmation where you choose not to send them any content until they confirm their email address with you and you would clearly state that in the confirmation email.

The end result is that you want to make permission the highest concern and then those laws around it are fulfilled naturally rather than just technically.