Appointment Core

You guys are just awesome here!

We use Appointment Core with MS Exchange - We have to create availability in both Appointment Core, and the mirror the same availability on Exchange -

Do you have any suggestions? Iā€™m willing to try another company if they can do this!

Thanking you kindly in advance!


AC has a connector for exchange servers and will update your calendar with appointments scheduled within AC. What it will not do is update AC from exchange. This can be configured with Flow and a script that handles that but out of the box, AC will only show what you schedule in your calendar but does not actually prevent AC from scheduling someone during that time. Iā€™m with you though, I would much rather see it all synced efficiently.

@Cindy_Glover, ScheduleOnce integrates natively with Exchange: OnceHub integrations | OnceHub.

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@Cheryl_Hunt - I just found this!

Thanks for your response (almost a year ago! LOL).

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