API delays and 524 errors

Lot’s of 524 errors from the API today - anyone else seeing them?
Also have been seeing lots of intermittent delays in the API over the past day or so - causing lots of timeouts. Anyone else?

Here’s the response I got from chat support, after they consulted with “advanced support”:
A 30 second delay isn’t much. If anything, that can be typical for API calls.

Hi Bill, the other day @Ankush_Thakur reported gateway errors. But I think that it is to do with his server being the issue here.

In regards to those API Delays, that is something I am not happy with either. A few years ago this was not a problem, but lately it can cause responses to take longer than expected. I have been monitoring this with a client of mine, and these particular API calls can cause delays.

  • Campaign Builder API Goal (Seconds to Minutes)
  • Send Email (Seen up to 30 Seconds)
  • Adding Payments (5 to 30 and even 60 Second Delays)

What I would like to do is to call particular API functions (like the first two) but do not care about the response coming back, ie: Fire and Forget. Although the Adding Payments one I do need a response back, but I would not expect long delays trying to add payment info into an order.

These delays can affect things like AJAX Responses, because the browser will close the connection if it takes too long for a response. Then you get into other complications. There is workaround solutions that can be done, but then you will probably will have to restructure your code.