API Custom Fields Task

We created a couple custom fields in the Tasks, then noticed there is not optional properties to API a custom field in TASKS.

Is it correct to assume that this not possible? Or is there a way to API a custom field in TASKS?

We unfortunately do not yet support custom field access for Tasks via the REST API.

Only way to do that right now will be with the SDK.

You can write field data to the table (actually a ‘view’ in sql parlance) using the data object.

@ John_Borelli

It looks like it uses the old XML table schema. Is that still supported?

Yes, the Legacy XML-RPC is still available, but will be removed in favor of REST API versions at some point in the future.

Would you plan on removing it before having that feature available through REST API?

Has there been any update to this?

Are API Custom Field Tasks now supported with the REST API?

Yes and they’re going to continue to say it’s planned on being discontinued to keep people from using it in place of REST, however, that’s been said for many years now and no one has come up with a viable way to prevent the large scale failure of api integrations using it so it is not likely to happen very soon (if at all lol)

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I was wondering if anyone has had luck accessing custom fields through the API or otherwise through the XML-RPC. I looked throught the XML-RPC tables and was not able to find where task custom fields are supposed to be. I did, however, find that tasks seem to be ContactActions.

For some background, we are trying to integrate with keap through an ASP.NET based solution to have a custom workflow for employees to create tasks, but we need several custom fields to be able to be populated by this process.

I did see an SDK was mentioned, but when I am not finding any samples of it being used to access task custom fields.

ALL custom fields are stored in the DataFormField table and the table they belong to (task in this case) is indicated by the FormId field.

I feel like this is close, but not quite what I need. It appears this is where the custom fields themselves are stored but what I need to do is essentially fill out a tasks custom field through an API for a custom task creation process. For example, we can have a custom field that says “favorite color” that has a drop down with the vlaues “red, blue, yellow”. This custom field is stored in the DataFormField table. I do not need to adjust this custom field thouugh. I need to be able to create a task, which I can do through the rest api pretty easily, but then I need to select which color is the favorite for this new task. This functionality does not seem to be in the REST Api, so I am trying to do this part using the XML-RPC.

Do you know if this is possible?


That looks like it would change the options for a drop down or something similar. I am looking to be able to create a task, of which has custom fields already there, and be able to will out those values.

So when you create a task, you can fill in the name, the task description, and so on. I also want to fill in values for the custom fields.

Ultimately the goal is to, in code or otherwise, similate a user filling out the task form, including custom fields.