Any easy ways to prevent spam via API or HTTP post to Check blacklists?

Hi I see there are a few post on the topic of inbound spam. Have been manually testing inbound contacts against the black list on, but I think there has to be a way to automate it. Does anyone have a way of checking email against spam black list? maybe using an HTTP post or an API?


Generally this requires the use of an MX tool api like mxtoolbox or mail-tester

Hi Noah,

It would require some API code and an external service of some sort to do this.

While it doesn’t necessarily scan a blacklist, I have a solution that can help identify junk data and spam in a robust way. It’s in Alpha right now so if your database is under say 80k I’d be willing to run it on your system at no charge (looking for a few case studies right now). It does need a handful of custom fields you’ll need to create.