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What are the sales this month compared to ?
Is it sales last month or sales this time last year?

@Richard_Wilson, there is a dropdown so if you select “month” it compares this month to last month. If you select “year” it compares this year to date with last year. Does that help?

In context of terminology, you are referring to last open book month and prior month earnings. IS is showing you prior month earnings.

Hi Cheryl

Thanks for your reply, and sorry for my late response.
Yes i do know how to select the criteria for the retrospective time period but thank you in any case.

My question and indeed my suggestion however was this - It would be a great improvement if we could have an option that allowed us to view the month sales figures compared to the months sales figures from the year previous

Example April 2017 Vs April 2018

I have raised this with a couples of infusionsoft agents who all agreed, enthusiastically, that this was a great idea and would bring this up at the next update meeting and escalate this to the advanced team… alas I sometimes feel that member suggestions fall on deaf ears as I’ve never heard back. I don’t want to labour the point but for me and Im sure for many members this would be a fantastic improvement that would help out alot.

To give a brief example - If you were a restaurant surely you would want to see what your sales figures were like in December compared to the previous December rather than the previous month?

In my own business - I care not what I did in last month only in how it compares to the previous Years month. We always have a poor December and a great January so January is always in the “green” - but this actually means nothing.

As a consequence we only ever use the Year V Year option - which is a valuable tool - but it would be nice to see a version for Month V previous years month at the click of a button rather than having to download sales reports.

Summary - Will this affect me using Infusionsoft? No the software is excellent and i have been a user for some 15 years. Some great improvements have been done along the way. But I do feel as a company they should listen a little more.

You’re referring to open book year and yep, restaurants use this religiously. Would be great to have that option :wink:

Hi Cheryl

Did you see my post below?

Hi John

Thanks for replying. I dont think its exclusive to restaurants I do think most if not ALL businesses would benefit from this feature. All businesses are seasonal in some respect, some more than others. Im in the wedding industry and my business is seasonal dependent on my shows and around xmas.

December is my worst month of the year and January is one of my best so to compare jan to dec is useless. Likewise for restaurants it’s visa versa, gift shops, florists, any other high street shops, garages, home furnishings, even dare I say it info marketers.

What is Valuable is to know - Yeah December sales are poor - but be beat last December by £3000 whoop whoop.

Why Infusionsoft, can we not have this feature - or a reason why not. Or just a reply.
What is the point of a community forum, or a suggestion section if no one is listening.

Anyhow, i’m just repeating myself now so if anyone from infusionsoft is listening and would like to get in touch my email address is

Or in this forum which I only seem to get sporadic notifications for hence the late response.

Maybe if enough members like the idea and get onboard we may just get an ear.

Over and out

Hi @Richard_Wilson, I see your post. I can definitely see where seeing how those numbers would help you. Have you checked out Graphly? I believe you’d be able to set up graphs that would allow you to see what you’ve described.

Hi Cheryl

Thankyou for getting back to me. Just checked out Graphly, it looks like a nice system and will give it a try. Unfortunately out of all the 108 graphs - it doesn’t seem to have a monthly comparable against the previous years month.

Hi Cheryl

Had a great char with the guys from Graphly - The system is awesome I now have the month by month data and Much more. I now have a dashboard that can show me the last 3 years monthly trading comparable to each month as well as being able to forecast busy period based on historical data - and all on one page and the basic version is Free although I will be upgrading probably tomorrow. I urge any infusionsoft members to try it out. It is fully integrated with infusionsoft too.

Thanks again