All sales Widget Monthly stats

Hi All

Can i make a suggestion to Infusionsoft please.

In the All sales Widget could you make an update that allows you to view Monthly sales based on the previous years sales rather than the previous month.

I believe this would prove extremely popular with customers as it give a direct comparison to the previous years sales.

For example sales by month January 2018 sales V January 2017 sales

I have already suggested this to an agent who thought the idea was excellent but I have heard nothing back and so feel this has fallen on deaf ears.

What does everyone else think?

If you are in retail for example you will have had an excellent December but probably not so good January so comparing your january sales to December is a bit pointless. A more relevant comparison would be to see how well you did compared to the previous January.

Come on Infusionsoft, you already compare Year to previous Year so the tech is there. It would be great to see month V previous years month.

I submitted your request through the Tellus page, Richard. If you anything else, fell free to just add it here: