Affiliate Sales attributed to wrong referral partner

I just set up some referral partners and have had 4 sales. I have run into a problem. The sales were all attributed to one of the partners. I checked in the system and I have two partners that each have 2. But it looks like one has all 4. Is there a way for me to “transfer” the commission to the correct person?

Hi Stacey,

If you go into a contact’s order that was tied to the wrong affiliate, you should see, in their order, that there is a couple dropdowns, one for Lead Referral Partner and one for the Sale Referral Partner. You should see the wrong affiliate listed, probably in the Sale Referral Partner field. You can change this to the correct affiliate, and save…

You will also notice that there is an area in the order, for commission info. After you save, you should see the commission info update to the proper affiliate, but there is also a ‘Recalculate’ button in the commission section of the order.