Adding Email Address - won't save because 'email format invalid'

When entering a contact’s email address, this message keeps appearing:

Current Status: Opt-Out: System
This person’s email address has been opted out by the system.
We are unable to send any email to this address. Reason: Email Format Invalid: The domain name contains invalid characters (Codepoint U+0020 at position 4 of 'com ’ not allowed).

But no matter how many times I erase and retype, it won’t fix. Nothing is visually wrong with the email address, it is a standard address.


Codepoint U+0020 is an invisible space character.
Go into the email field.
Use CTRL+A or Command+A (if MAC) to select the entire email field.
Then press delete.
Save the record.
Then, create a second record with the same name and type in that email address manually (do not copy/paste).
See if it accepts the email.

If that works, then do a search for the name and manually merge the two records. There may just be a weird glitch with that one record’s email field.


Wow - still categorized as an Opt-Out: System email address, for every new contact I create.

is it showing the same reason “the codepoint …” or just opted out by the system.
Keap does opt people out by the system for other reasons and if it does that, there isn’t anything you can do about it.

If you want to email me the person’s email, I can try adding to my system to see if I get the same ‘opted out by system’ message – that would confirm that it is a Keap opt-out and not a system glitch.


Upon creating a new contact, the same codepoint reason is used for why the email is opted out, no matter how many times erased and re-added. Email Format Invalid: The domain name contains invalid characters (Codepoint U+0020 at position 4 of 'com ’ not allowed)… Click here for more info.

I’m having the exact same issue, were you able to find a resolution?

Each time this error occurs, I have to chat Keap support and have them validate the email address manually. I was told there is no other way to fix this issue :confused: Basically, you tell them the address in question and provide a screenshot that shows the email is functioning and they will update it for you. Takes ~2 minutes of time, though it is really annoying there’s no way to prevent it.

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Thank you so much!! I will do this. At least there is a workaround available! :slight_smile: