Is has marked a lot of people as invalid email btu they aren't

Had an issue with a form on our website which didn’t pass the information to IS. i therefore downloaded the names and details and uplaoded to IS. There were no spaces in teh email addresses. Is found a number of them as exisiting clients but it then marked all the contacts as “invalid email”. i have removed them and redone a few times, checked teh email btu still invalid.

i tried manually typing the email addresses into a new client in IS but it immediately marked them as “invlaid email”.

Help! IS helpdesk doesn’t seem to work anymore no live chat or person answering.

Hello. Did you have any luck resolving this? I have a client with 20 contacts I need to get into our database and set them up with communications. I’m having the same exact challenge, but with all of them. I’ve checked for weird characters, spaces, etc. I’ve deleted records and re-entered manually. It’s still returning a status of “invalid”. Meanwhile there are a hundred or so other records with the same exact company address that are marked as valid. I’m seriously stumped.

Hi Mary

I wish I could help. In the end I believe I gave the list to InfusionSoft and they did it because it just wouldn’t work for me. Very odd.

Good luck