Adding additional form field to the form in the New Landing Page Builder

Is there a way of modifying which form the available form fields can be selected from?
What I am trying to do is to display a check box field on the form
I’ve created an internal form with the fields required on, which is available as a forming the CRM settings in additional to the standard contact form

but when I try to and a new field it just lists the fields available on the infusionsoft standard which is greyed out in the list of available fields
I have even tried deleting the existing field to see if that would bring out the option to change the form that the fields can be selected from

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Custom Fields are coming very soon. We were hoping to have them ready on the last major update, but it was not able to be included yet. The team is working to add this, along with a few other features, including expanded color pallet options for saving colors, and undo/redo buttons.

thanks for your prompt reply @James_Mefford

Just discovered another issue with the form fields in that there doesn’t seam a way of being able to alter the colour of the text a user types into the form, it has very poor contrast being a light grey on the white field background, whilst the placeholder text looks better. Plus it is very difficult to tell if you are actually in the field

then looking from a
iphone 7plus, using the browser in the facebook app / safari and Chrome the form looks like it looses all it’s styling, along with other parts of the landing page :frowning:

Thanks for these screenshots. I am going to have one of our team members that is working closely with the new landing page builder take a look at these.

Is there any update on this? Are custom form fields available yet?

Under the “manage custom fields” to the right when you click on a form widget: