Add Custom Field to New Landing Page


I would just to ask if it would be possible to add custom fields that I’ve created in the landing pages’ form. I can’t seem to find any documentation regarding this type of issue and your documentations are a bit outdated. I would really appreciate the help.

Thank you.

Hi Clyde.

If you are in the new builder, and either add the ‘Form’ element to the landing page, or click on the existing ‘form’ element, the right sidebar to configure the form fields will appear, where you can add a field. The field dropdown will start with ‘Standard’ fields, and then roll into ‘Custom’ fields, allowing you to add any of the custom fields you have created.

Here is a quick visual I recorded. I just started a new landing page from scratch, and add the form element, to show how to select and add my custom fields. 2017-11-03_1009

Thank you for responding. That really helped me out a lot. Thanks!