Active Broadcast Emails

I missed an error and need to edit the currently active broadcast email.
I hope I am correct to presume that since it is web-based, it will be updated to all who received the broadcast?


Once an email has been sent then I don’t believe any system can change that email, as it’s no longer ‘with you’. The only caveat on that is, if the email says ‘click here’ any that is pointed to a custom field on a contact record, changing the url on the contact record would change the url the person gets when the click.

Doesn’t work for ‘text’ however, once sent, its unchangable

I could be wrong, don’t think I am :slight_smile:

Second thought! If you have it scheduled, you can cancel it and redo.

What do you mean by “currently active broadcast email…”? If it’s already been sent (the broadcast) then you can’t do anything about what they have in their inbox already. If you mean that you’ve edited it prior to it getting sent then yes, those changes will be reflected when it’s sent, even in the web hosted version. If it’s already been sent then the original email is in their inbox but the web hosted version should have the change, they just won’t see it unless they click the link to view the web hosted version and that is something that normally doesn’t happen often since they’re already reading what was sent to them.