Editing a broadcast email after it is already scheduled

If I created a new email broadcast and already scheduled it. How do I go back and change the email before it sends (I found out that a couple of the links within the email are broken)?

Also, I have already paused the email so it will not send until I fix it.

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Hi Mark,

My understanding is that once an email broadcast has been scheduled, you cannot edit it.

So, in this case you’d want to cancel the broadcast, and then schedule a new one (using the template from the first one), and make the changes to your second (new) email.

Hope that helps!


Have you updated this feature? That doesn’t make any sense.


Hi Cameron, no - this feature has not changed. When you schedule a broadcast it schedules to the people who meet the criteria at the time of scheduling (not the time of sending).

Here’s a workaround I use to send broadcasts to dynamic audiences:

I agree.

I forgot to change the from email part and had to re create the whole email as it was not in my templates.

Does not make sense.

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This is really frustrating. I just need to edit some of the copy and I don’t want to retype a whole new email. This should be an easy feature to add and it’s been enough time, based on when this question was originally submitted. Going on 5 years, disappointing

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This is crazy but also not that surprising.