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What is the deal with email broadcasts? Everytime I schedule them the time is automatically altered. At first I thought it was a timezone issue. But it went from rescheduling my 10:00am emails to 6:00am. Then it’s started making them at 4:00pm. I’m not sure if I should be entering my own time zone, which is eastern standard or some other. I send a daily broadcast so the auto-rescheduling is really frustrating. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help with this.

Hi Candice,

With a broadcast you have options to schedule the email for a date in the future, or you can click “send now”.

If you select the option to schedule it for the future, then you an select whether you want it to be sent at a specific time (in your time zone), or, at a certain time in the recipient’s time zone.

If you choose the recipients time zone, it will use what it has inferred their time zone to be (based on their browser settings when they opted in, or bought, or a previous link click), and if it doesn’t have a time zone on file for a particular client then it’ll be sent in the local time zone for your app.

I hope that helps - if you are seeing behavior where the email doesn’t seem to be going out at the time you’re expecting it, then I’d double check the various settings, and if it still feels “off”, then you may want to hop on with Support to try and let them sleuth it out.

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Thank you, Greg! This helps immensely. Is it possible to set my own timezone as the default for “Schedule to Send Later"? I send daily emails that I usually pre-write in batches.

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Hi Candice - I believe you can set one time-zone per application as the default. So, my default is Pacific US Time (in the screenshot above).

If you want to update the time zone for your account, you can do that under Admin>>Settings>>General>>Time Zone. If you have any issues with that just pop on with chat support and they’ll help you get it sorted! :slight_smile: