Activating a current Inactive User

I have Admin Status and am trying to re-activate an existing user who currently has Inactive status.

I have tried clicking the box alongside his name and then clicking Add User but the system asks me to enter details as if he is a new user.

Michael Hesp
Queenstown NZ

You’re clicking on the name in the user list and then clicking the ‘Activate’ button, right? It should just immediately give you a message that they have been made active.

Thanks john.

I can’t see an Activate button only an Add User button

scroll down

Tried that still can’t see an Activate button. I am in View Users.

Do you see the same thing?
As I said, you need to click the user name to edit the record first (not be in the list)

I was in the wrong screen. Now fixed, many thanks for your help.

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