How do you delete a user?

I can’t find any articles on how to remove a user who has left your company as I can’t add a user to replace them

You can’t actually ‘delete’ the user. You can invalidate them. Go into admin->users and click into the user’s record. Then click the deactivate button.


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Thanks John, annoying but fine!

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Hey @Rich_Olsen, I see why it might feel annoying, but my understanding is that the system doesn’t let you “delete” a user entirely because there are multiple tables in the database that are using that user’s ID in logs for who performed actions, completed tasks, etc.

So, if at any point you need Infusionsoft to be able to root around and dig up any old information, storing users as “inactive” means that you have preserved this data.

When this was first explained to me it helped me think about it differently, and it felt a little less annoying.

The reason would have to do with persistence of history. Think about all the activity, deletes, creations of campaigns etc that would have a creator dis-connect if the user it references doesn’t exist anymore.

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Maybe be nice to archive them or change their name, so we don’t get reminded of them LOL

Fair point! :rofl:

I have the same problem - I have deactivated 2 users and want to add 2. But IS still says “You have no licenses remaining. Go to the My Account page to purchase more user licenses.”

What is going on please and how to I add this new user without buying more user licenses that I shouldn’t need?

Thanks Mukti


You won’t get that message if you inactivate users you no longer need. As stated above, their existence has to remain to keep activity history relevant. But if you deactivate a user it is no longer applied to the limit of your licenses. If you need those users active then it is part of the model that you would have to pay a small amount monthly for additional licenses to have more users.