How do I Delete users from Admin?

Hi everyone,
I m taking control of my Infusion soft and start my training on Thursday.
I am not IT savvy so expect a lot of dumb questions from her on until I get rolling sorry.
I have too many users on my acc and simply cant work out how to delete them!
Help please.

No problem, I worked it out.

Hi Geoff, sorry for the delay, but kudos on taking over control of your own app. You can ask whatever questions you like here! Bring it on. :slight_smile:

With regards to users, you can “deactivate” users who are no longer associated with your account, but there currently is no way to delete them entirely. This is important because you want to maintain the history of that particular user, in case you ever need to see what was done, or by whom, etc.

For anyone else who may have this question, here is some more information about adding or removing users: Add a user profile | Max Classic