Accounts Receivable

How do I write off un-collectible invoices?

You can use the adjustment in the payment type field for payments:

I’ve never liked this option because in the list of recurring payments it will show up as paid, even though it’s not. I’ve never understood why there is an option to write off unpaid invoices because of a failed payment, but you can’t write off invoice because of an expired card.

If you go to the Failed Invoice Report and search for the order you want, choose the dropdown Action “Manage Failed Invoice” and you can easily choose the “Write Off” option. The same can be done with a Subscription search. nice and easy!

Hi Cheryl,

Yes, but that ONLY works for failed payment attempts. If a card expires and then infusionsoft doesn’t attempt to charge it, it doesn’t appear in the Failed Invoice Report. I probably once a month come across an account that isn’t going to be paid because of an expired card and the member doesn’t want to continue. In that situation I have no way of “Writing Off” the invoice. That is what I am frustrated with.

I think there should be a way to write off an invoice directly from the invoice instead of only through that failed invoice report. There are other reasons to write off invoices besides just failed attempts.

I hope that clarifies my issue.