Orders, Invoices, Receipts, Quotes

I am trying to differentiate between paid orders, “orders” created from failed payments (which creates an invoice [unpaid]), Quotes, Receipts. It seems to me that Infusionsoft uses these terms interchangeably in various situations. Would be great to have ONE definition for each (at least use qualifiers like “paid” or “unpaid”) so we could quickly and easily make sense of this. Having Invoices automatically created for a failed payment (when that payment was a very first attempt at a NON subscription product with a single payment) creates a mess. Does anyone have any experience dealing with differentiating between failed payments from subscriptions, products purchased with payment plans (so an actual scheduled attempt at collecting a 2nd or 3rd payment), or one-time payment products?

Someone makes an attempt to buy a one-time payment product / payment attempt fails / invoice is created and then automatically a 2nd attempt will be made to collect payment tomorrow (because I can’t differentiate between a one-time payment product, a subscription payment, or the subsequent payments on a payment plan).

We’ve had a few customers fail first payment. Buy the product later that day. Then get charged again the next day when the reattempt to collect is made. We need to leave this 2nd and 3rd attempt on for failed SUBSCRIPTION Payments, but want to disable this invoice creation and reattempts to charge when it’s a one-time-payment product, or the first attempt on the first payment of a product on a payment plan, or a first attempt on a first payment of a subscription.

Any ideas?

+1. Same problem for us. Daniel, did you ever find a good solution?