410 Error Msg with Task Notification emails

Im getting notification emails but when i click on the task im getting “HTTP Status 410 - GONE” Type Status Report.
Description Access to the target resource is no longer available at the origin server and that this condition is likely to be permanent.
Apache Tomcat/8.5.34

Infusionsoft online chat think this is an error when the source of the task is not available in the app. I mean, if the contact record for whom the task was created is not in the app anymore.

Im not confident this reason is valid - reason being i sent broadcast email to day to known active customers and received a similar batch task notification email.
How could I send a broadcast email to a record that doesnt exist?

Any help/feedback as to why this error msg is happening would be appreciated.

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On the tasks that this happens with, are they past the date for the task or otherwise considered completed in any way?

Hi John

Ive no way of knowing because I can’t even identify who the contact is to begin with that the task relates to.

Below is a screen shot of the incoming Infusionsoft email with the multiple tasks listed which all open with the error msg

Error msg screen shot…

If it helps, the above only applies to these multiple notifications.

Individual task notifying emails work as one would expect.



Hi, @Caley_Lewis,

There is probably a way you can tell, though it’s a bit round about.

In that email, if you right click on one of the links and “copy link” then use a basic text editor to paste that link in so you can see it, you’ll be able to see the ID in the URL. It’s possible you’ll see it in the lower left of your browser when you hover over it but I don’t remember off hand if that works in emails too.

Then go into Infusionsoft and hover your mouse over the tasks under the contact record. In the lower left of your browser, it should show you the link with the ID in the URL and that way you can see which tasks are which or in other words, match them up relevantly.