3 Way Affiliate Split


We are building a website, and product owners can list their products on the website, but what we need is to set up a 3 Way Affiliate Split, I have attached an image, but basically, we need to set up so that the

  • The Affiliate who sends the customer gets say 40%
  • The Product Owner gets say 40%
  • Us the Website owner gets say 20%

How can we do this in InfusionSoft? Any help would be greatly appreciated

All the best

Hi Chris,

I don’t think you can do this with just the affiliate system. We had a customer who paid royalties to product creators and we built a royalty tracker app for him so that he could see how much to pay product creators, etc… I think you will need to use a combination of the affiliate system for the lead generator, and some sort of external tool to calculate the product creator commission and the website commission.

Hi Joey,

Thanks for the info, a shame you cant do this easily.

All the best