2 Year Community Anniversary! ūü•≥


This version of the community came online July 2nd, 2017. Keap would like to congratulate the following members for reaching the ‚ÄúSolution Expert‚ÄĚ level - the highest level of both understanding and giving in the Infusionsoft/Keap community.

The bank of knowledge that this group has helped establish handles at least 15% of all incoming questions from Infusionsoft and Keap customers…which is an amazing accomplishment after only 2 years. Community discussions frequently rank at the top of Google searches about our products.

(in alphabetical order):

Jeff Arnold @Jeff_Arnold, John Borelli @John_Borelli, Cheryl Hunt @Cheryl_Hunt, Greg Jenkins @Greg_Jenkins, Sara Khoudary @SaraKhoudary, Jordan Novak @Jordan_Novak Pav @Pav
Camille Shieff @Camille_Shieff Andy Wroe @Andy_Wroe



Pleasure to help the community! Hey alphabetically I should be first :wink:

Must change that surname…

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Congrats to you all.