Zopm integration

i followed the setup instructions to link Zoom and IS but it doed n ot deliver the result i expect.
I do not receive an unique link back from zoom , so that participants can join a zoom call without further registration. anyone here who can help me with this issue?

I saw your previous note to me. Sorry for the delayed response.
It is very possible that with all the Zoom security features they have been rolling out, they may have somehow disabled this.

You could look at 3rd party integrators like Zapier, PlusThis, or Integromat to handle the integration, if you are not having success with this method.



Hello Jeff,

thanks for your reply.
Well, I was already thinking in that way and created a zap for that.
But apart from this work around. I hoped that was possible to make 2 popular applications interchange with each other without bringing another payed tool in.
Thanks for your reply.