Xml-rpc: fetch contact details including username from a specific tag

I need to fetch contact with username details who are under a specific tag.
Query to ContactGroupAssign table does not return username, password.

One inefficient option is to pull contacts by tag one by one.

Any option which is available other than saved reports?

That would be due to normal form data base design. You don’t put contact information in a table designed for tag data. You pull the tag data, look at the associated contact id, and then pull the contact data from the contact table.

However, another option, if you know the tag you’re searching for contact with, is to pull a list of contacts by the tag id:


But this still doesn’t give you all contact fields and you would still have to pull that from the contact table itself.

Can I query contact table with query having multiple contact id’s?

To be honest, I haven’t tried an array of id’s. I know you can query multiple contacts with the same information like an email or first/last name but by id, I’m not sure. Maybe @TomScott would have a more specific answer to that question.