Wordpress Opt-in Plugin onclick shortcode - where and how

Having installed the plugin I can happily make a popup show on visiting a page. I would like also to have a link or button that can be clicked to open the popup and so have set the option Trigger When Element is Clicked.

However, I can’t find any info on using the mentioned shortcode. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Here is an example of in inline short code as it will be inserted into your page.

[infusionsoft_on_click_intent optin_id=optin_2 display=inline] [/infusionsoft_on_click_intent]

This is made up of two parts.

The opening part [infusionsoft_on_click_intent optin_id=optin_2 display=inline]

The closing part [/infusionsoft_on_click_intent]

To create a link that will activate your pop up simply place what you want to say between these two parts.

i.e. [infusionsoft_on_click_intent optin_id=optin_2 display=inline] Link phrase here [/infusionsoft_on_click_intent]

Thanks. I now know the issue I was experiencing was that the shortcode button wasn’t showing up. It resolved itself in a day or two.

It’s implemented on a woocommerce site with a fairly javascript-heavy theme and when looking for it I think that I was probably not staying on the screens long enough for it to load.

However, thanks for your description which tells everyone how to use the shortcode if the button’s not there.

This doesn’t work. I put this shortcode on my site: [infusionsoft_on_click_intent optin_id=optin_6] click here[/infusionsoft_on_click_intent]

And nothing happens when I click on it. I’ve selected the option in the plug in to display the pop up when element is clicked (which is how I got the shortcode generated.)

Also, how do I assign it to a button?

Hi, @John_Classick ,

If I’m not mistaken, that plugin hasn’t been given much attention for quite a long time (no longer supported).

I’d consider creating a webform in campaign builder and copying the unstyled html into a block in your website builder.