Will "Issue a New Key For Production" Override Encrypted Key?

I just registered a developer application, and now it is asking for me to get add API’s for that application and “issue a new key for production”. In the past we used the encrypted key for XMLRPC use, but now we want to use REST. Do I need to issue a new key, and will this create a new encryption key? If this creates a new encryption key, there are a ton of things that are going to break on two big websites I’m working with.

Just want to make sure that the encryption key will remain the same even if I add a new key for production.

Also, if I forgot my passphrase that generated the encryption key, what do I do to recover it?

Hi @Abe_Kashiwagi1, if you are moving to OAuth you can create an application and generate tokens without affecting your Legacy API key. The only action that would change your Legacy API key would be changing the value of the API Passphrase.

I don’t believe there is a way to recover the API Passphrase that you set to generate the Legacy API key.